VK-2 - Viking Synthesizer

Normally I would be tempted to ramble on about my encounters with nordic raiders here, but since this is a synthesizer site we should perhaps delve into a bit of more recent history... You see, rumour has it that VK-2 is based on a secret prototype that Bob Moog was working on in the late seventies, a dream of ultimate connect-everything-to-everything and modulate-everything-by-everything creative freedom. At that time, Moog was not exactly on friendly terms with Richard Blam (the spiritual father of Blamsoft) - Moog ridiculed all ideas of digital or software synthesis, believing no string of 0's and 1's could ever accurately recreate the sound of his oscillators. Blam, on the other hand, thought Moog to be narrow-minded oaf, and loathed the vulgar sound of some of Moog's precious hardware (he is reported to have said about the sound of the Minimoog: "if I want a source of shrill, semi-tonal wailing in my studio, it's cheaper to call my mother-in-law")


After several years of fruitless toiling Bob Moog found that what he was trying to achieve was impossible with the hardware technology of the time. Unwilling to abandon his dream, he swallowed his pride and contacted his arch-nemesis. Thus a meeting was arranged between the two luminaries , and under a cloud of pungent bong-smoke (as was customary at the time between synthesizer pioneers) a peace was brokered and Moog gifted his work to Blam - all the modules, blueprints, schematics, notes made hastily on paper napkins, not to mention two shipping containers filled with the approximately 3500 kilometers of CV cable required to operate the unwieldy behemoth. Blam, recognizing both the importance of the work and the humility of Moog's gesture, solemnly received the napkins and the rest, and promised he would do his utmost to get it operational. Even though the two titans never met again, and even though Blam never finished the work in his lifetime, the prototype was carefully curated in the archives of the Blam Research Institute, waiting for the day when advances in DSP technology would make it a feasible instrument...  


But of course these are all just rumours! Although the true heritage of this device must by necessity remain a mystery, it is cleary inspired by the work of both synthesizer legends, and treads new ground in bridging the analog-digital gap. Quixotic Sound Design is thus proud to have provided 50-something presets for this ground-breaking instrument, which you will find included in the sound bank that comes with the device.  



VK-2 Bonus Combi's

Below you will find an archive with some free bonus combinators that did not get finished in time for the sound bank. Most revolve around the idea of tuning one or more of the oscillators by external CV, thus allowing for hybrid monophonic/polyphonic patches where one oscillator plays a polyphonic chord while another plays an arpeggio, for example. A short manual/description is provided for the template devices, in addition to several presets to try out.


Some of the template devices require the following RE's: Blamsoft's Polymodular Breakout Box, Jiggery Pokery's Lolth CV-splitter (both free) and one requires Blamsoft's Distributor CV Switch (not free).

Quixotic VK-2 Bonus Combi's.zip
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