Polymodular Reason Allstars

Please Note: this is not a finished refill, you're basically getting an early access version.

Blamsoft! Zvork! Synapse! Jiggery-Pokery! Kilohearts! Softube! Ochen K! D16!

Using Blamsofts Polymodular System and Zvork's Oberon synthesizer, Quixotic Sound Design has gone in search of modular polyphonic El Dorado, and has so far not emerged from the jungle of CV wires... 38 modular device concepts ranging from keytracking bitcrushers and rising reverbs to various oscillator crossmodulation devices, like FM and AM synthesizers. You're welcome to grab this work-in-progress version for free, but if you choose to pay something I will consider it encouragement to develop it further.

Note2: some of these devices can cause pretty hefty volume spikes when handled so I recommend using a limiter.
Note3: here be CPU heavy patches
Note4: there will also be bugs/miswirings, I can't promise I'll fix everything immediately as I have a (non-work-from-home) day job :puf_smile:
Note5: Besides Oberon and the Polymodular system, this refill uses a lot of different RE's, many free, some paid-for

A version of this refill has been sitting on my hard drive for quite a while but it unfortunately refuses to be even close to finished. Building these devices is hugely laborious, and operating them is also not straightforward, but some of them produce stunningly detailed sounds IMHO. I'm basically putting this out there as a sort of community project where anyone can try them (provided they own the required RE's) and hopefully provide some feedback/ideas. I'm considering accepting user builds/patches in a separate directory for a subsequent version.

The refill will always remain pay-what-want. However, if you find it useful or promising please consider shooting me a buck or two :-)