Orkestrial Obersounds

Ah, king Oberon! I remember first meeting him in the forests of Asturias during my younger gallivanting years, when men were men, and elves were trouble... even then he was renowned across the iberian peninsula for his musical abilities! Being both a king and an elf however, he had a bit of an authority/responsibility problem, and as such preferred to spend most of his time getting drunk before noon and making zoo noises at the ladies of the Asturias bourgeoisie whenever they journeyed into the forests looking for a nice place to picnic. These days he seems to have settled down a bit though, now residing in Toulouse, France where he does sonic consulting for a retired necromancer named Zvork. Together they have dreamed up a synthesizer that can conjure a broad palette of ethereal and otherworldly sounds, but (like its namesake) can be a bit daunting to get to grips with.


Oberon's conception of additive synthesis is unique in that it straddles the boundary between harmony and dissonance, and allows the user to navigate freely between sonic order and chaos with only a few key controls. A simple turn of the knob may send you flying from the safe and sane musical universe you know straight into the gaping maws of Tiamat, and get you back again before the wretched beast can even start salivating!  Indeed, equipped with this synth, one does just walk into Mordor - and out again, without so much as taking an arrow to the knee. 


Now, easy as though this synthesizer may make it, many would deem it ill-advised to so freely invite the forces of entropy into any musical endeavour of repute. But because we're all life-long Cthulhu worshippers at Quixotic Sound Design anyway, we thought we'd give it a shot, and we've come up with a collection of patches which will awaken your musical imagination, even as it gleefully gnaws at your sanity...


- A veritable Necronomicon of Noise, with over 300 device patches, including polysynths, monosynths, percussive sounds, FX, pads, plucks and sequenced sounds

- as usual, the focus is on polysynths, divided into 4 categories:

      - Orkestrial: a variety of sounds that balance on orchestral and metallic timbres, a style unique to Oberon

      - Mellow & Atmospheric: tranquil sounds for sleeping in r'lyeh.

      - EDM keys: traditional and contemporary synth key sounds

      - Abstract and Miscellanous: experimental timbres and bizarre modulations 

- special attention has been paid to velocity sensitivity, for expressive and nuanced playing

- refill also includes several custom made wavetables.

- adgallivantageously priced!


You can buy Orkestrial Obersounds from Reason Studios here


Or buy it directly from us at Gumroad for a reduced price here



Extremely entertaining video review of Orkestrial Obersounds by Teflon Tomb (thanks man!):

Orkestrial Oberload


Orkestrial Oberload is a free bonus refill of outtakes and leftovers from the development of Orkestrial Obersounds.


-20 rhythm template patches

-30-ish polysynth template patches

-10 new patches that use the Reason (10) Drum Supply sample library.

-Some PolyCV-enabled combinators. 


Orkestrial Oberload.rfl
exe Bestand 12.2 MB