Europa is dubbed Reason's "Shapeshifting" synthesizer and let me tell you, this refill has more shapeshifting than the annual conference of Illuminati/Freemasons/Rothschilds! While we all know the global elites, and I'm really talking the 1% of the 1% here,  consist mostly of shapeshifting extradimensional lizard/people hybrids, there is a deeper layer of truth that stands to be revealed. Even reptilian energy vampires have to take their orders from somebody, and our CEO, mr. Quixote himself, wishes at this moment to alert the world to the fact that even they - believing as they may that they are pulling the strings with their scaly appendages - are in fact pawns in a greater plot by those vile arch-enemies of mankind: WINDMILLS! Think about it... the coronavirus is airborne right? So what do windmills do? They move the air around! Need I say more? 

Anyway, in a desperate attempt to beat them at their own game, Quixotic Sound Design offers this new refill that allows you, YES YOU, to stick it to the man/lizard/windmill with Europa's shapeshifting power! Over 300 patches that use all of Europa's unique features, such as the spectral filter, harmonics modifiers, custom wavetable loading, and FX section. If you've bought one of our refills before you already know what to expect: highly detailed sounds that make extensive use of the mod matrix, are expressive/velocity sensitive when played with keyboard and fun to use with the impressive reason player arsenal. So introduce your Europa to some pandemonium (no shaking hands, though!) for a musical paradigm shift that will leave the global elites scrambling for safety with their reptilian tails between their legs! 


-  over 300 patches!

-  includes polysynths, monosynths, FX, percussion,  pads, plucks and sequenced sounds

-  sounds that are unique to Europa and use all features extensively

-  sequences easily fit into tracks/arrangements (no arpeggios that clash with your existing harmonies)

-  mono & polysynths are velocity-sensitive for expressive and nuanced playing

-  contains over 60 custom wavetables that are used with Europa's user wave loading feature

-  won't cure coronavirus but will cure boring sounds virus


COMING SOON to the reason studios online shop




Check out some sound examples below: