Quixotic Sound Design offers refills for the Propellerheads Reason platform

In keeping with our unique heritage of chivalrous gallivanting, Quixotic Sound Design is dedicated to bringing you the most quizzical and exotic sounds for a variety of software synthesizers. In addition to product pages for our commercial refills, you will also find several free refills for various rack extensions.



And now for a word from our CEO and principal sound designer:


QSD is a sort of hobby horse for me, as a serious groin injury has left me unable to mount my actual horse without wincing continually. As this is rather unbecoming for a knight, I had to temporarily abandon my previous chivalrous endeavours, and have (as one does) instead delved into the wonderful world of software synthesizers. I hope to bring the same zeal and uncompromising commitment that I have previously become known for to this new enterprise. 


Kind Regards,



Note: many a concerned citizen has thought to e-mail me asking if I do not think it frivolous or imprudent to abandon my windmill campaign. Let me emphasize that I am still fully commited to this cause, and am continuing the struggle by means of a diplomatic letter-writing offensive! I am happy to see that many countries have heeded my epistular admonishments and have started to quarantine their windmills at sea, away from the general population.