Antidote Atrocities

Synapse's Antidote synthesizer is one of the most popular rack extensions for reason. I have a great appreciation for it but I found the included presets a bit polite sounding, so I spent a couple of evenings seeing whether I could make it frighten my horses. That I ended up with a refill with 110 very diverse patches is a testament to both how simple this synth is to program, and how easily distracted I am. Be warned though: at least some of these patches are loud, dissontant and abrasive (at one point even Calavera became uneasy, and he was bred in Extremadura solely for the purpose of war). But if you are of the adventurous persuasion, looking to blaze a sonic trail, and have no animals in your care, then don't hesitate and update your Antidote to a Gallivantidote today with Quixotic's Antidote Atrocities! 


Requires: Propellerhead Reason, Synapse Antidote 

Antidote Atrocities
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